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The horrific reality behind the scene of hundreds of dying cows huddling around the truck carrying water
August 10 2018, 10:48 AM
This amazing scene was filmed by unmanned camera in New South Wales, Australia, which is severely affected by drought.

The footage shows hundreds of thirsty cows running around a truck full of water, after their owners drove for more than an hour to bring it here.

Hundreds of cows are huddling around the truck full of water

Farmer Amber Lea posted the video on social networking sites and said her 1300 cows would have nothing in their stomachs if she did not go to get water for them to drink.

People only wish to have rain pouring for this drought

“There are very few water pumping stations and gutters and the plants have stopped pumping water. Without water supply, we had to drive for 50-70 km to get water for the herd, “Amber said.

The sheep are walking on dry lands outside the Tamworth area

New South Wales is suffering the worst hot period in 15 years. According to the report, 38.7% of eastern Australia area suffers from drought and 23% suffer from severe drought.

The severe drought leaves this place into dry land and only few plants can survive

The government has provided $ 738 million to drought-stricken farmers. This government subsidy aims to help people overcome difficulties and reassure the psychology of the people.

Watch video:

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