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Horrific dishes from the ancient times that fortify the kidneys and virility
January 28 2019, 10:55 AM
Since ancient times, people have used food to increase the virility. However, many of the horrific dishes that cause many people to shudder when speaking of its names such as rat fetus, solid heart, cancer eggs, etc.

Snake’s heart: Many people believe that the majesty of poisonous snakes is closely related to the physiology of men. Therefore, the more toxic the snakes are, the rarer they are, the more hunted they are to trade.

The most tonic parts of a snake are its heart and fetus. The snake is stuck when it’s alive, drop the alive heart of the snake into alcohol or swallow it up. This horrific dish is considered to strengthen muscles, fortify the kidneys and virility.

The fetus of snake or mouse: the Animal fetus is the famous panacea that fortifies the kidneys and virility hunted by lots of people. And fetus of snake or mouse is the most popular. Snake’s eggs and fetus with the intact mucous membrane are taken out right after sticking the snake. The dish is used with hotpot’s broth and doesn’t need to wait for it to be cooked.

Mouse’s fetus is easier to find. The fetus is still red but it’s told to be the cleanest because it comes from the mouse mother’s stomach.

Lizards are well known and believed to enhance health and physical strength as well as fortify the kidneys and virility very effectively.

However, according to the doctor’s share, lizards have very little meat so their nutritional value is not much. If compared to nutrition, toad meat is more nutritious. Therefore, doctors believe that eating lizard meat should not be encouraged because this species has insect-eating nature such as flies, mosquitoes, while there are much other nutritious food safer.

The genital part of animals is often rumored to be the panacea. According to traditional medicine, the genital part is a warm thing that used to supplement kidneys.

However, it’s not totally good for health. There were many people had been hospitalized because of eating it too much. This dish is rich in cholesterol, therefore it is not good for health if having it too much and frequently, especially the fat and those who have cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure.

The addled eggs are cheap due to there are a few people eat it. However, there was news that eating addled eggs will fortify the kidneys and virility very effectively appeared, therefore, many women decide to buy them and cook them for their husbands.

The effect of those eggs is unclear but there are many men who tried eating them have accidentally gotten pathogens and had a risk of digestive toxicity. Most people who eat rotten eggs often suffer from indigestion, vomiting, bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and many cases of health poisoning.

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