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Horrible moment: The refrigerator exploded, two siblings passed away as their mother put this familiar item in
November 23 2018, 2:56 PM
Too heartbreaking as the two children who were nearby passed away because the refrigerator exploded unexpectedly! Until the cause is announced, everyone must be shocked.

Right after the news came out, it was questioned whether the refrigerator was a popular home appliance, with a rigorous production process and a sufficient warranty. Why is it so easy to detonate? The authorities investigated and explained the cause of the explosion because their parents put the can of carbonated water on ice cubes.

According to experts, carbonated water is one of the things that should not be stored in the freezer compartment. Because when they are frozen, the weight increases and the cans become deformed and easily detonated. At the same time, when temperatures are below 0 degrees Celsius, gassed water will remain in liquid form partly due to reduced ice temperatures. In this case, if the cans open, water will cause carbin dioxide (gas) to spray out.

This phenomenon can cause the refrigerator to break, knock the cabinet door out, even explode. At this point, if someone near you is likely to be fatal.

To ensure the safety of life for themselves and their families, people need to immediately quit the following:

1. Put the refrigerator too close to other heat generating devices One of the reasons the refrigerator detonated is that people are putting them too close to other heaters such as gas stoves, ovens, and microwave ovens. .

2. Put the cord near flammable material To wire electric refrigerator near the curtains, blankets, cushions … will be very dangerous. When the power lines are shorted, the material encounters will be easier to come in, spreading the fire faster, causing the refrigerator to explode immediately.

3. Use the refrigerator is too old, not maintenance, regular repair Many of the houses for savings that buy fridge liquidation, is old, have to repair several times is not recommended. The old refrigerator is often not quality, fast down grade, must change the gas several times and the risk of gas leakage, electric power is very dangerous.

In addition, when the refrigerator shows signs of failure, there is a strange noise or noise, poor cooling … then quickly to bring sanitation, maintenance to repair in time or change if necessary. .

4. Put glass, metal or flammable items in the refrigerator Alcohol, beer in glass bottles or other flammable substances such as alcohol, gasoline … should also not be in the refrigerator freezer. Because the limited volume of the refrigerator easily formed the inflammable explosion points, so when the incident, start sparks, the cabinet will explode immediately, causing damage to the contact.

Source: Oxii

Hai Linh

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