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Horrible Confession: The girl stroke her head on the plant pot, was convulsive, so I used scissors to stab her till she passed away
August 09 2018, 9:56 AM
Took the plant pot to strike, the little girl's head was strongly injured, then feared of being discoverd, the man killed the victim by scissors.

According to VTC News, on August 7, to describe clearly the murder, policemen took the defendant to the scene where he hid the victim’s body. The 10-year-old girl was determined about 10 years old.

He confessed at the police office, about 14 pm on August 6, he went to workplace to cast plant pots. When the cement pot was being removed from the outer form mold, it unfortunately fell on the head of a female child playing in the front. Witnessing she being convulsive and bleeding, the defendant feared that her parent would find out the truth, so he decided to kill her by using scissors to stab 2 times on her neck.

After making crime, he hid her body under the plant pot, then came back home as nothing happened. According to her mother, at 17 pm on Augusts 6, when turning back from work, she did not see her appearance at home, then asking to the neighbours, she was stunned that her daughter was kidnapped by two young men driving motorbike. She and family were both in panic and ran quickly to find her. Some went to the police office to report the case.

As soon as both policemen and the local people discovered her in everywhere she could go, until 19 pm on the same day (August 6), they found her body in a garden which has produced the plant pots. The scene was only far 200 meter from the victim’s house.

In the morning of August 7, the police examined the scene where the girl’s body was hidden to investigate the case. According to their recently report, her body has many injuries caused by a sharp object.

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Hoang Yen

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