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Hong Kong’s plastic surgery disaster: Her whole life living on rich men but ends up with poverty in her U90
January 08 2019, 10:07 AM
Huang Xia Hui's whole life has been used to a luxurious and extravagant life, however, until her 87 that she just has enough money to eat street foods.

Recently, Hong Kong’s the press encountered the once movie star Huang Xia Hui eating alone in a street food stall.

Despite sitting in a very simple food stall, Mrs. Huang Xia Hui still wore a showy dress with a crown on her head, catching people’s attention.

Huang Xia Hui’s real name is Huang Xia Lian she came from the cast of Macau, then went to Hong Kong.

In her entire career, she just appeared in 10 movies. She was famous thanks to her noisy private life and she was called a plastic surgery disaster in her old age.

Young and old Huang Xia Hue

She joined showbiz at a young age. In her 18, she became a famous Hong Kong actress loved by many men.

At that time, a powerful police officer in Hong Kong publicly conquered the beauty’s heart, claiming to ‘take down’ all millionaires, celebrities who dare to compete with him.

Huang Xia Hue’s first lover is an actor named Li Jia. Both of them together appeared in a movie in which Li Gia was the main character. They quickly became the famous couple in the showbiz.

Huang Xia Hue once shared that they loved each other at the first sight, Li Jia pampered her with all of his heart. However, just one year later, people saw her having a relationship with a property tycoon, Hu Bai Quan.

Hu Bai Quan is a millionaire who was 23 years old more than Huang Xia Hue and had his own family. Regardless of all, the Hong Kong beauty determined to seduce the rich man and willing to become his second wife. Despite they had never gotten married, she still produced 4 boys and 2 girls for the millionaire.

She lived her whole life without honor and position, however, she herself was confident to be the only woman who could rule the millionaire’s heart: “He had married before we met but because he was in love with me deeply so he determined to conquer my heart at all cost.

I did not want to destroy other’s family happiness, therefore I once ran away to evade in Taiwan. Unexpectedly, he went there to find me and promised to feed me for whole life.”

Although she was a second wife, hers and her children’s life was so well-off thanks to the millionaire’s support. She did not attend in many films, however, she still had plentiful money to live and buy pricey lots of pieces of jewelry.

Until her 60, Huang Xia Hui started taking plastic surgeries to maintain the youth. Nevertheless, the more plastic surgeries that she had, the more deformed her face became. Since then people called her a plastic surgery disaster. Reportedly, the number of money that she spent on it was from her husband.

“For 60 years since when I met Hu Bai Quan in my 19, he sent me a cheque for living cost every month in person. My children had a chance to study abroad. It was all thanks to his money.” Huang said.

Her jewelry collection.

Still, everything ended in 2008 because of Hu Bai Quan’s death. After passing away, he left a fortune of 360 million HKD and gave a part to his second wife and illegitimate children.

However, his first wife and official children used the power to usurp this money. Losing the huge support every month but Huang Xia Hue was still wasteful in spending money so she had no choice but to make money herself.

The 80-year-old movie star gradually became a regular guest in many events such as advertising and small fairs. She was often smartly dressed, attracting people’s attention due to her wrong plastic surgery.

She even made scandal by being with young boys.

In her 87, Huang Xia Hue could not attend many events as before and her health was also much weaker. Last year, she must be hospitalized because of illness. Perhaps she should stop rising scandal to enjoy her old age. 

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