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These holographic images take Halloween decorations to a whole new level
October 21 2018, 8:12 AM
These holographic effects will give your neighbor a nightmare. 

What’s scarier: a life-size plastic skeleton dangling on the door or a life-size animated poltergeist that appears to be floating in mid-air until it lunges right at you?

These holographic effects will give your neighbor a nightmare.

That’s the kind of high-tech effect you should be thinking about this Halloween. And you can get one for surprisingly cheap: AtmosFX sells a variety of really cool Halloween-themed animations, with prices starting at just $6.

These animations can work on a variety of surfaces, but I’m going to focus on the “hollusion,” which I think is the coolest: It creates the aforementioned mid-air holographic effect.

You simply just need to download the AtmosFEARfx images or DVDs and run them through the projector use your wall, your window or even doorway to bring ghost, pumpkins, and zombies to life.

The AtmosFEARfx comes with realistic audio so you can sync it with the animation.

Many people showed their interest in this holographic decoration.

“I have a feeling this would result in at least one 911 phone call if I projected onto the window facing street of my Brooklyn neighborhood, lol!”

“I bought a couple of these and will be projecting them on my front windows this Halloween. Along with the sound effects. Should be fun.”

“How good are these effects! Way better than my brother and his mates rushing you guys on Halloween aye.”

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Source video: In the know 

Source: In the know

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