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A high-altitude spiral slide first appears in China a shopping mall!
August 10 2018, 1:57 PM
A exciting invention of China born to replace the popular elevator models is a high-altitude spiral slide, interesting for both adults and children.

The clip films the scene many customers go to shopping mall in China to experience the high-altitude spiral slide that first appears. All people come to the shopping mall where they will have the experience of feeling as sliding the chute from the high, both bringing feelings of excitement and saving time if you want to go down the ground floor quickly..

The high-altitude spiral slide first appears in China a shopping mall

The inside slide is taken photo by the customer

To have the most wonderful feeling and slip at the highest speed, customers will lie on a long towel to be able to slip smoothly on the spiral slide because there is no friction. The screams create the curiosity and the craving for the viewers. Many young guests also want to experience this exciting feeling without fear.

The girl slips the high-altitude spiral slide without fear

Watching video:

Minh Chi

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