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Hidden camera: Never give money for the beggar on the road, watch and then understand why!
August 27 2018, 5:01 PM
Pitifully, a disabled man dragged his feet during the sunny noon to beg but the truth a few people thought behind this handicapped legs. 

Life has many difficult circumstances and pitiful fate. The disability must beg to earn their living because they can not afford to work and their lives are too destitute. These difficult circumstances have received the sympathy, mercy and help of the people around. However, there are people who are lazy to work, didn’t want to work but want to have money to eat and enjoy so they use every tricks to take advantage of the goodness of humans to make a living.

The images of the beggars in the big streets with crowded passersby are not strange to most people in Vietnam, when our country is still difficult. But among these beggars, the people who have difficult circumstances and really need the help are not much. At present, most of them are tricks that make people misapprehend. Recently, the social network has spread the clip that revealed the truth behind a disabled guy begged, making netizens startle.

This young man appeared on a large road with paralysed legs that were amyotrophia under the old-fashioned pants. Because he could not walk and did not have a wheelchair, he dragged his feet in the middle of the road to move and ask for money from passersby. Seeing this pitiful scene, so many kind passers-by stopped the motorbikes and gave him some money to help him a little. Even it was raining heavily, the young man was still sitting in the rain, it was so pitiful!

Many kind passers-by stopped the motorbikes and gave him some money to help him a little

Witnessing these things, everyone felt heartbreaking for this unfortunate fate. But the truth was not. Every day, when it was late afternoon, a woman went to the place where the beggar was sitting and took him home. Coming home, his handicapped legs could move normally and then he began to sit to count money. According to his revelation, his daily income from pretending to be a beggar is 250 dollars. This is a big income for many people, so  he used all tricks to make money for himself.

Coming home, his handicapped legs could move normally

Then he began to sit to count money

This sad fact makes many people feel no longer believe in this life anymore, it makes them cautious every time they want to show their kindness. Those who disregard conscience, self-esteem to cheat other people make society have many deceptions and the end of these acts is never good.

Minh Chi

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