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Help stranger deliver at midnight, woman cry her eyes out hearing the stranger stutters “This is your husband’s child”
January 05 2019, 11:31 PM
If you were her, would you save the mistress of your husband or let her endure what she deserves?

A woman has to make a decision, possibly the hardest one in her life: To save her husband’s mistress’s child or not?

The story of a doctor in Vietnam has raised an argument about whether should we forgive the mistress – the one splitting our family for their own sake, or let natural selection come for that one?

You are living your life happily then one day, your patient quietly told you, “This is your husband’s child”?

Well, she’s a doctor so it’s her responsibility to help people. So she DID save the woman and her child at midnight, when the mistress is alone on her due date and have no one around to help her. But the doctor wasn’t the one posting the whole story online. A female patient who witnessed it all posted it, and raising a question of, whether should we forgive he other woman, or more, help her?

Well, netizens mostly agree that whatever the personality of the woman is, the child is innocent. Plus, you can consider these three scenarios to forgive her easier:

She probably had no idea. It may not be easy to hold back your anger at first, but until you know better, you have to assume that this woman didn’t have a clue about you either. Just like in the courtroom, innocent until proven guilty. Besides, if you don’t freak out on her the first second you have, then you can get her side of the story and be able to piece things together in your own mind.

Women fighting is nonsense cause the one who fell and betray is the husband, right?

She’s probably just as upset about this as you. But considering she obviously cares about the same man as you do — she’s probably upset that this thought-to-be-awesome man is actually a sc umbag.

She probably believed she was cared about. When you meet someone and it’s new, you’re not exactly entitled to ask EVERYTHING about their past right upfront. While it’s new and exciting, she probably didn’t want to know exact details yet while she was still feeling things out.

And you know what? Experts recommend you to “befriend your enemies”!

Let’s face facts. Women are competitive by nature, and once they learn there is another woman satisfying the needs of their man, they will want to know who she is and possibly try to befriend her.

After all, they say you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Local personality Amelia ‘Milk’ Sewell ruffled many feathers after her recent revelation on a local television show that she was one of popular dancehall artiste Bounty Killer’s mistresses for seven years, and that she and his wife at the time, D’Angel, knew about each other. In her view, it is important for the mistress to know the wife so she’ll know how to act in her presence.

Befriending the mistress also means that you have opened up yourself to be lied to;

Befriending the mistress also means that you have opened up yourself to be lied to; you have also shown your man that even if he eventually decides to get rid of this mistress, then it is okay to get another one. This [befriending your partner’s mistress] does not allow you and him to address the real problems in your union (his stressors) or ways in which he could find new coping skills. Since his mistress is carrying some of his emotional burdens – especially in the sex act and intimate conversation – it is less likely that he would be interested in focusing on addressing the existing problems in your relationship.

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