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Heartwarming moment when a homeless man jumping in joy after being offered a job
August 30 2018, 4:08 PM
He jumps and does fist pumping right after the moment walks out of the job interview because he nailed it.

Intentionally or unintended, we, somehow have a habit of judging other by their appearance. It is easy to give prejudices or stereotypes other even when you first meet them. If one wears fancy clothes and lives in a mansion, automatically that person is a good-hearted and has successful life. But if individuals come from low-income neighborhood, they might be considered as bad person.

Not all of us have that kind of stereotype but still, judging a book by its cover is something you shouldn’t. And the story below will give us a pleasant surprise about a homeless person who has struggled to find a real job for himself and the wish of get back on his feet once again.

This is the heartwarming moment a homeless man cheered after he landed a job and received his first week's wages

A homeless man who lives in a homeless shelter in Wolverhampton has been raising a dream of gets on his own feet once again.

He was given the job after a trial period at Central RPL in west Bromwich, not far from where he lives at a homeless shelter in Wolverhampton.

He applied for a job at the Midlands – window Distribution Company, and was offered a trial job with the starting salary. It is a “substantial” start for a person who has “absolutely nothing.”

The unidentified man pumped his arms and ran across the road with delight after he was offered a permanent contract at a window supplier yesterday

Aaron Doyler, an employee at Central RPL, said, “He got a job interview to see if he could do a good job, and if he made a good impression, he would be accepted and become an official employee”.

Aaron is also the man who posted the heart- warming video on social networking sites and said he was “completely” moved: “This does not seem to be a big deal, but for a person like him it makes sense. This guy really melted me. His reaction is so precious. ”

Aaron Doyle, who works at Central RPL, shared the tear-jerking video online

This man had no money, had to take food from a church and brought it to work to work, but Aaron happily said: “Although this guy does not know whether he will have the next meal or not, every morning he still offers me a piece of chocolate and some coffee. ”

Finally, the homeless man’s efforts paid off: “The great thing is that he got his first paycheck and got a job in the long run.”

The image of a man jumping because of his small, simple joy has inspired netizens around the world.

Netizens share their applause toward the guy

Paul Beaumont wrote: “So good to read a story with happy ending, instead of the endless doom and gloom forced upon us on daily basis. Well done!! I wish him all the best!!”

“Well don him and well to his employer for giving him a chance. I wish him well.” Tony Belton shared

“Its good to see not all those who are not working, refuse to work because of hand outs. Good look to this chap and we wish him well in life..” Mackem commented.

Whenever you are, in any situation, the external appearance can’t tell you all about yourself. Keep up the effort and honest work, live honest and self-respect, that is the only way to assert yourself and other can never look down on you.

Kieu Anh

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