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Heartbreaking scene an old homeless man passed away several days without burial, just lay on the sidewalk
January 23 2019, 8:31 AM
He was homeless without a relative, until his death, there was still no burial.

There are still so many unfortunate people who are homeless, just wander all their life. Until passing on, they are not buried thoroghly. The case of an old homeless man died several days without relatives buried in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) made everyone grieve.

A few days ago, a 71-year-old homeless man died in front of the gate of a coach station on Ta Quang Buu Street, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City. More painful, he had no relatives so when he died, there was no burial. He lay on the sidewalk near the gate of the station. Some people helped him lie down on a folding bed on the sidewalk and lit incense sticks.

The images of this man which have been posted on social networks, attracted the attention of a lot of netizens, showing their compassion for the unfortunate fate of his life.

‘I’m in Hanoi. How can I help him?’

‘As far as I know, the Red Cross must be responsible in the old man’s case?’

‘What a pain!’

‘Life still has too unlucky people …’

Currently, some kindhearted netizens have come and joined hands to hold a funeral ceremony for the unfortunate homeless man. The funeral was held at the vacant land on Ta Quang Buu Street. However, finding a shelter for him is still difficult.

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