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Heartbreaking with the final words of the 7-year-old girl before passed away in her father’s arms
September 14 2018, 3:49 PM
Lacey felt unwell and told her parents but just 90 minutes after the ambulance arrived she has gone forever.

Lacey Warburton, 7, died in her father’s arms on an August day on a family camping trip in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

An ambulance was called to the camp site shortly after Lacey felt unwell, but only 90 minutes later she died in the hospital. The cause of Lacey’s death has not yet been revealed but doctors said Lacey may have had a heart attack. Tests are still under way to find the exact cause.

Lacey is always full of energy

According to her father, Lacey spent the day shopping with his mother before the tragedy. She was bought for a new toy and was excited to have a new friend to see. She was playing in her tent with her brother before her new acquaintance arrived. But while she was playing with her brother, she said she was not feeling well then she and her brother went out to talk to their parents.

Her parents set up a charity under her name

“That day we went to Halifax and bought Lacey some new toys for her to play with and she looked pretty healthy. Lacey shook and looked hesitant, then she holds my hand, smiles and says, “I’m fine Daddy. I thought she was panicking.”

“Anybody who knows Lacey is going to shine there,” she say,” is full of energy, active and cheerful, and she is one of the hottest kids in the class. She can be friends with any child. She is the most emotional child I’ve ever known. ”

The family calls Lacey’s funeral “Lacey’s Day.” A carriage pulled by “unicorn” horses and a balloon-filled car was used to decorate Lacey’s day off.

The charity get lots of support from friend and family

Her parents then decided to set up a charity under her name to help parents with children suddenly passing away. They say support from friends and family, as well as Stagecoach bosses, who provided cars and funeral directors to H.Revell and Sons, has helped them through a lot.

“I do not want to imagine that someone else is experiencing pain without any support. We have been hurt a lot in the past few weeks, sometimes we just want to leave so far to forget. So we decided to set up a charity called Lacey to commemorate her.”

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