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Heartbreak story: Husband shaves his head to look like his cancer wife
November 23 2018, 4:39 PM
This husband He decided to shave his head to make his cancer wife feel happy!

Knowing his wife had cancer and hair loss after chemotherapy, the husband decided to shave his head so that his wife did not feel lost, self-deprecating. It is a touching story of the couple Thi Ba Vi, 25, living in Hunan Province, China.

Accordingly, Thi Vi has a blooming love with her husband. However, 10 days after the marriage, she was diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma. Pain is more than that until she is having her first baby in her fifth month.

Bach Vi’s disease is becoming increasingly severe when the lungs are filled with water and the doctor is forced to have an abortion for radiotherapy.

Her husbandaking care of his wife for food, sleep

After many chemotherapy, her hair fell off , each patch of scalp showed clearly. Not wanting to bother about every hair loss every day, she finally decided to shave her head. Ba Vi’s husband was in pain when he could not fulfill his responsibility of welcoming the baby. To encourage his wife, he was ready to shave his head.

The happiest of these women is that in the most desperate days, Bich Vi still has the support of his husband.

She said: “He is really good husband, he is the motivator to help me overcome the disease, he has many tears for me, thank you very much for not leaving me in the at the most difficult “.

He decided to shave his hair.

The story of Bach Vi proves the existence of true love in this life.


During her stay in bed, her husbandaking care of his wife for food, sleep. Even the days when the wife performed surgery to starve him also fast with her.

The love story of two people have caused fever for a long time before the admiration of many people. Everyone expects a miracle to come to Bách Vi.

In 2/2016, with the hope of improving the health status by means of stem cell transplant treatment, it will bring back health quickly. However, the method of implantation did not produce results as expected. Becoming a high fever, her health deteriorated markedly and she finally breathed her last breath on May 21,

Before his death, Bai Ji used the last bit of strength to hear her husband’s ear: “I love you” three times and promised a more fulfilling ending in the next life.

The story of Bach Vi proves the existence of true love in this life.

At present, lymphoma is on the increase, however, its symptoms are often overlooked. The origin of lymphoma is caused by malignant tumors in the lymph nodes or lymph nodes, one of the most common tumors in 10 melanomas. In recent years, the incidence has increased markedly. According to statistics from the International Conference Lymphoma, in the world every 9 minutes, one person is sick.


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