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Heart warming video Policeman escorts man on a crutch across street almost every day
November 02 2018, 11:05 AM
Most touching escort: Policeman accompanies elderly man across the street at a crossroads almost every day.

Policeman escorts elderly man on crutch across the street in Wuhan, China. The elderly man has a stroke several years ago. He insists on walking for two hours each day to improve his walking ability. He often comes to the crossroads where this policeman works.

And almost every day, this officier would come and escort the man across the road. The man needs to wait three trafic lights to walk 11o meters of the zebraa crossing.

The officer says he does this to ensure the man does not get hurt, as he is often trapped in the middle of the intersection due to his slow speed.

People who was moving on the road said that policeman was very kind when being willing to help this elderly man cross the road. Without policeman’s help, it is quite difficult for him to move by himself. He is deserved to be recognized by goverment because of his kindness.

Watching video:

Video source: New China TV



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