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Heart-stopping moment a man fell off cliff edge after posing stunt moves for cliff-top photos
August 05 2018, 9:19 AM
 Anyone who was there was horrified!

A Chinese man is lucky to be alive after falling from a cliff in southwest China while dangerously posing on the edge of a cliff for photographs. He decided to do stunts on top of a rock and barely escaped the experience with his life.

Encouraged by his companions, the guys showed off his rock climbing skills by hanging off the side of a rock and letting his legs dangle in the air has he posed for photos.

However, in one heart-stopping moment that was caught on video and posted on YouTube, he lost his grip and fell off the side of the cliff to the horror of onlookers.

It is not clear how far he fell, but he miraculously survived the fall with only cuts and bruises.

A Chinese man standing on his hands on a rock on the cliff to pose for camera Moments later, he was seen hanging off the cliff with his bare hands before falling  Anyone who was there was scared at this momentFortunately, he was only scratched a bit and not life-threatening

watch video:

Thuy Dung

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