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Heart-stopping moment little boy gets rescure from sewer trap
September 28 2018, 10:37 AM
He was trapped there for more than 24 hours!

A three-year-old boy is recovering after getting trapped in a sewer for more than 24 hours.

Jeanpier Silvera Arteta from Barranquilla, Colombia, was found clutching hold a pipe for dear life as torrents of water threatened to sweep him down a flue.

His family had reported him missing a day earlier, after he disappeared while playing with his two brothers.

Holding on for dear life: Jeanpier Silvera Arteta pictured trapped at the bottom of the well in Barranquilla, Colombia, 24 hours after going missing while playing with his brothers

A rescuer climbs down the sewer to pull the child from the foetid water

The three boys had been messing around in a sand-filled construction site, where officials suspect Jeanpier fell into a drainage hole without his siblings noticing.

Thank God the boy was finally rescured!

Rescue teams immediately scoured the area around the Sourdis neighbourhood, including the sewers, but were unable to locate the boy.

Jeanpier was taken to a nearby hospital where he is said to be on the mend after his ordeal

Rescuer Herson Montenegro said: ‘It was an intense search. Thank God we found the boy in one of the sweeps of the area.

‘We had already searched the sewers the first time and we hadn’t found him. Thank God the second time we searched, the boy was there. He was close to being swept into a hole in the sewer.’

He was rushed to hospital, where he is reported to be recovering well.

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Source: Dailymail


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