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Heart-stopping moment huge python wraps itself round Thai firefighter during safety demonstration
January 23 2019, 3:58 PM
A firefighter was left struggling after a 16ft python wrapped itself around him during a safety demonstration in front of children.

Khun Apichet, 40, was showing schoolchildren in Bangkok, how dangerous the reptiles are and how to handle them if they coil around their bodies. But Apichet was in need of some help himself, and his colleague, giving the talk, had to prize away the python which was following its natural instincts in strangling its prey.

Apichet is seen looking red faced and strained as he struggles to hold back the deadly grip of the python’s body.

The announcer is heard saying: ‘The snake is trying to bite him, because this makes the snake feel good. ‘When the snake wants to eat the people they will bite quickly and lock them in very quickly, but this one is older and has been tamed.’

Apichet can be seen pushing his arm between his neck and the python to keep it from strangling him unconscious. The children can be heard laughing as his face gets pulled further and further down by the reptile, until his colleague is forced to step in.

Watch video:

Via: The Metro

Kim Ngan Do


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