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Heart-breaking question of six-year-old girl with blood cancer: ‘Do not get a loan, will I die?’
January 29 2019, 3:33 PM
At the age of six, Tram has struggled with cancer of the blood for four years and hopes to be healthy soon enough to go to school.

The strong will of the unfortunate child

The little girl, Chu Thi Bao Tram (6 years old, Quynh Vinh commune, Hoang Mai town, Nghe An province, Vietnam) with tired face, lying on the bed but was very calm when the medical staff repeatedly poked the needle in the injection to inject chemicals, not fear, crying like other children.

Seeing her mother worried, Tram encourages: ‘Doctors say me have to inject and take medicine in order to be healthy and quickly to go home, to go to school. I can bear the pain so Mom, do not worry, do not cry.’

On hearing those words, Ms Le Thi Bang (30 years old, Tram’s mother) just wiped her tears and hugged her daughter. For 4 years being with the daughter hospitalized with blood cancer is about time, the mother has been living in a sense of insecurity, fearing that one day she will leave her.

Tram is the first child of Mrs. Bang and Chu Van Dai (31 years old). When born, the child is also normal and healthy. At 2 years of age, Tram has abnormal symptoms such as lymphatic fever, the body has many bruised nodules like hematoma.

Take the child to hospital, the couple was shocked on hearing the doctor concluded blood cancer.

‘Do not get a loan, will I die?’

Over the past four years, it seems that Tram’s life is dependent on the hospital. Every 10 days at home, Tram has to hospitalize because of recurring. Each admission lasts from 25 to 45 days.

Despite illness, but Tram is very interested in school. In order to fulfill the wish of their child, she and her husband asked Tram to go to school. Thanks to the circumstance, the school also gives priority for Tram to study with friends. Tram is attending class 1A, Quynh Vinh A primary school. Each time she leaves the hospital, Tram happily goes to school.

‘Valuable things in the house are sold out, in addition I also mortgage the house loan bank, high interest rate to hundreds of million dong. Now how can I save her? ‘Mr. Dai sighed.

Once heard the story of parents involved in not being able to borrow more money to continue treatment, seems understood the matter, Tram cried and asked: ‘Without money I will die? If I die, I will not meet you, I will not go home and not go to school anymore, right? If so, then I’m afraid, I do not want to die, ‘she said in tears.

The way to win the life of Tram baby is very long while the family is no longer able to borrow money to continue treatment. Ms Bang asked the help and assistance of people to save her unfortunate child.

Kim Ngan Do


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