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Heart-breaking: Australia’s parachutes collide and fall free from the height of 2000m
October 11 2018, 4:17 PM
The terrible collision happened with these parachutes.

The video shows the terrible collision of two parachutes when their parachute jams at an altitude of nearly 2,000m, The Sun reported.

Initially, the video showed four parachutes on Runaway Bay, Gold Coast, Australia.

However, the strong winds swept the two parachutes into each other and spinning round in the air. The video shows the two people fall free and try to pull the stockpile.

The terrible accident was recorded by another parachutist.

Finally, the two parachutes were able to separate each other, and they succeeded in launching a backup parachute at a height of 700m.

Despite the scary incident, the two parachutes still plan to attend the World Paralympic Championship that is taken place on the Gold Coast.

The strong wind was forecast to continue on the day when about 450 other paratroopers would compete.

The video has received lots of different comments from netizens. A person said “Too dangerous. Why do they dare to parachute on the terrible weather? It can make them loose the life.”

Another netizen commented “It would be great when parachuting on the weather. I will feel free.”

Watching video:

Source video: The Sun


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