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“I hate you, dad”, A father’s lesson to his son about anger management that makes other parents respect!
August 01 2018, 10:26 AM
This is a father's lesson to his son about anger management

Anger is a state of panic and uncontrolled emotion,which leads us to overreact and hurt others people and ourselves.

Anger is a double-edged knife that can kill a relationship you’ve been building for a long time or worsen your image.

Today, let’s try to find out about anger as well as how to control your anger offline!

This boy is angry and losing control of his feelings with his father.

His father came out with his nail box and hammer: “I want to show you this, whenever you feel angry, lose the calm , take this nail box, I want you to close it to the fence, “the father told him.

Following his father’ conduction, everytime when he lost control, angry with anyone ,he ran to the fence to close up the nails.


After a week of closing up nails, the boy seemed to be able to control his emotions. The father continued to ask his son to remove the nails he had locked in the fence.

It is not only easy to close the nails but also not easy to remove.

The lesson that the father taught his son about the anger t: “When you say things that are difficult to hear because of anger, it will leave the scar like these hole.. It may not be visible to the naked eye, but it’s there alright. The words we use have the power to create and destroy worlds!”

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Phuong Thao

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