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The happiest couple with 130 kg wife and 70 kg husband doing all housework for her
September 26 2018, 5:05 PM
These sweet pictures of the pair makes everyone admire of their happy love.

Love between 2 people that have different in appearance is not uncommon in today’s society, but it seems that the big differences in age or appearance of the couple always attract attention and become the story to the public discussion.

They get together despite difference in appearance

In recent times, netizens have had the opportunity speak in the admiration of such a couple: the chubby wife and her husband just as heavy as half of hers.

They get married and live happily since 2017

According to her, the wife said that during 3 months, to get her feelings, Thanh (the husband) led her to eat everyday. Gradually, it is the words and his actions has made Kim Ngan soft and accept his love.

They spend lots of time together

Thanks to his care, her weight increased from 90 kg to 130 kg. After the time of love, the couple decided to get married and live with each other in 2017.

According to Ngan, Thanh always loves and spends lots of time for his wife. He also regularly shares his work with her. In particular, Hai Thanh never had any complaints about her weight.

They usually their sweet moments on personal page

On their personal page, the couple also regularly posted pictures of happy but simple sweetness when leading each other to eat, work together or do not hesitate to give each other warm kisses like in romantic movies. Their love story now makes everyone have more belief in true love no matter how different they are.

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