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What happens if the husbands witness their wife giving birth?
November 07 2018, 3:27 PM
They will never want to become a woman.

For women, the time of childbirth is when they need the care of the husband and family most. The story of “her husband” caring wife at the birth time is also shared a lot on social networks.

A husband shared when his wife suffered pain as he “cut off the intestines” ,just wanted to hurt instead of his wife, overcame the moment that his wife was facing.

Imagine that the wife is finished as the body is not as painful as when it was over, but when he saw his wife lay motionless on the bed, the person trembled as if someone was holding her , asked the nurse, she told that was a normal reaction after surgery. Then there is the series of postoperative reactions that his wife suffered such as painful incision when the end of anesthesia, itchy irritation all over …

When witnessing such a situation, he just understood the hearts of parents who born and raised us.

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Source video: Vitalk

Hai Linh

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