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What happens when a fly lands on your food?
October 06 2018, 11:14 AM
Fly carries the bacteria from where it finally sets foot and can lay eggs on food if it is a female, according to Tasting Table.

Flies do not chew and swallow food just like humans. They like liquid food from garbage, carcasses and thousands of germs. When these liquid foods are not available, flies break the solid structure of food with the digestive enzyme available in saliva, eat and release.

When flies land on food, they carry dirt or bacteria from the last place they arrive (probably a pile of stool). If it was a female fly it would probably lay eggs on the f.ood.

Flies bring more than 65 different infectious diseases when they land on food. Photo: Collected

Sound still not so horrible right? Fly can carry at least 65 different infectious diseases, including cholera, typhoid, salmonella (food poisoning) and even anthrax, according to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania.

However, if you’re fast enough to chase flies as they just landed on food, the bacteria will not have enough time to spread. Even when a small amount of bacteria has entered the food, human digestive tracts are still powerful enough to destroy them.

To be sure, just remove the food corner has been landed by flies, do not need to discard the food because it is so wasteful.

Nevertheless, flies are still harmful insects and are mediocre of many infectious diseases. It is better not to let fly land on your food.


Video credit: Collected video

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