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The habit of warming up rice: Saving little money but bringing back dozens of dangerous harms
January 26 2019, 8:36 AM
Don't be a bit frugal but ruin your own health.

Perhaps few people know, live rice always has spores of a bacterium (called Bacillus), which is a bacterium that can cause food poisoning, and can survive at high temperatures, even after rice is cooked thoroughly, this kind of spore still exists.

If eating cooked rice right soon cooking, it is okay. However, storing cooked rice at room temperature for a while, for example from breakfast to lunch, these spores will become true bacteria and multiply in large numbers. When eating rice containing these bacteria, people will be poisoned, causing vomiting, acute diarrhea, severe cases requiring hospitalization.

Earlier, many people also believed that eating rice which is warmed up, can also cause stomach cancer. Because rice has the main ingredient is starch, but in conditions of temperature of 60 degrees C or more will take place the process of ‘gelatinization of starch’. The powdered starch-like form greatly affects digestion. Therefore, often eating cold rice can be processed again can lead to difficult digestion, in the long term may be stomach cancer.

The best way to eat rice

Rice will ensure the most nutrition when you eat immediately after cooking. If you want to keep the leftover rice, you must put it in the refrigerator as quickly as possible, no later than 1 hour after the rice is cooked. It is possible to quickly cool rice by using a fan or soaking the rice cooker in cold water and then put it in a well-closed lid, stored in the refrigerator compartment. However, do not leave rice for more than 24 hours.

Notice: only reheat the rice once. If the rice is already warmed up and still not eaten, don’t eat it again.

Kim Ngan Do

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