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Guy forces his girlfriend to kneel in the middle of the road before getting on his motorcycle
October 07 2018, 12:37 PM
Watching the girl who is forced to kneel on the road, netizens get angry.

The video footage filmed by a person sitting on the floor of a building, shows a couple having discussions on the road. At the same time, the guy was so angry and seemed to intend to leave his girlfriend alone although the girl could say sorry to him. However, he didn’t accept and he even forced her to kneel on the road. The girl followed what he wanted but it seemed that he wasn’t satisfied. Finally, she was allowed to get on his motorbike and continue travelling…

Maybe they were having discussions.

The man seemed to intend to leave his girlfriend alone.

he even forced her to kneel on the road.

After being posted on the social networks, the video footage attracted thousands views and comments from the netizens. A majority of people felt sorry for the girl and got angry with the man’s actions. One commented: “Bad guy, are you a man? Whatever happens, you shouldn’t get angry and have bad actions with your girlfriend”.

Watch video:

Video source: Untral Nguyễn

Vu Tam


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