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Finding a cure for myopia that makes millions of parents happy
January 30 2019, 3:42 PM
Myopia is one of the most disturbing things that affects our daily lives.

The eyes that are “the windows of the soul” play an important role in bringing light to us. Currently, most office staff and students are suffering myopia. Wearing glasses also brings a lot of difficulties and annoyances so under the research, experts have found the absolute safe and effective way to treat myopia.

Fix your head, rotate the eyeball as far as possible 25 times then turn right 25 times. You will have a feeling of bloating eyes, use your fingers to massage around your eyes to see your eyes brighter. Do this every day when you have time.


1. Wear the glasses with correct myopia number, after the practice process, re-measure the glasses, the degree of glass will decrease significantly.

2. Don’t wear tight ties, let your neck be as comfortable as possible. This is extremely important to determine the success or failure of this therapy. Also try not to watch TV, computer. If it is necessary to use those electronic screens, try the following methods:

Improve eyesight by rotating the eyeballs: Sitting on the bed or on the chair with your eyes turned left 3 times and looking forward. Rotate twice a day in the morning and in the evening, be patient for a long time and you’ll find it very effective.

Chinese medicine was also excelled in finding great remedy: No movement of body, only moving the eye with the clockwise direction 25 times and the counterclockwise direction 25 times. However, liver and kidneys are extremely closely related to the eyes, so traditional Chinese medicine is followed by this principle, simultaneously treating liver and kidney.

These are complementary methods, but below is the latest research, a proud achievement of vision experts:

1. First turning your eyes according to the clockwise direction, the speed of rotation is as slow as possible, turning slowly left, up, right, down with only eye movements. When turning left, you must keep the head fixed and so are the bottom and the right. After turning 25 times according to the clockwise direction, continue turning 25 times with counterclockwise direction.

2. Massaging your neck so your body relaxes, which means your eyes are also relaxing.

Moreover, there are also some small therapies useful for you:

– Drink black bean water.

– Every day look at a point in the distance, focus only on that point, for examples: trees, houses, mountains…

– When eye strain, look at the tip of your own nose for 5 seconds and repeat 3 times.

Source: Ezvivi

Minh Chi

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