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Growing karma, blinded young girl made husband shocked when finished surgeon
February 12 2019, 3:38 PM
It is very difficult for this young girl.

Born to be very beautiful girl, unfortunately a strange illness turned young girl slowly disabled

Whoever is born also wants to have beautiful face to look good, but not everyone is so lucky, there are people who were born unlucky, but there are people who are unfortunately  fateful joke, typical of the beautiful young girl below, she had a period of pride owing to her beautiful face, brilliant intelligence, but the strange disease robbed of all the good things.

Having a strange disease makes a beautiful girl blindly blurred eyes face big tumultuous

At the age of 8, the girl began to get blurred, although he went to medical examination and treatment in many places, but the disease is still not improved, at age 9 her vision loss completely, simultaneously on the face Large tumors appear on the face, which develops over time, causing distorted parts of the body to become deformed, and the sense of smell is completely lost. It is very difficult for this young girl.

Visiting many places to diagnoses her with dysplasia, this is a rare disease in the world, the surgery to treat is extremely difficult, because the face contains a lot of nerves, but the girl decided to fight with the disease to the end instead of complaining that her fate unfortunately.

Once the hope of the family suddenly becomes a burden, even though life and health are always threatened but the girl always make people admire because of their living energy and spirit is always optimistic. There is now a good sign that this girl has undergone surgery, with the help of many good doctors studying the condition and progression of the tumor, the first successful surgery, and the firmness. The girl will quickly push down the development of the tumor, although it can not be healed completely, but it also makes her life light and easier to breathe.

The girl’s motivation has been the motivation of so many people, especially those who see their lives deadlocked and ‘do not want to live’.

At present, the extraordinary image and energy of the young girl’s life is still attracting and receiving the attention of everyone who is still being cared for and preparing for the next surgery.

Linh Diep

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