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The group of tourists captured the image of white spots scattered on the coast, when it was zoomed, the painful truth was revealed
February 11 2019, 2:25 PM
In recent years, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the efforts of animal protection organizations, many endangered animals have had a chance to survive.

The success cannot be attributed to the success of the campaign to protect the panda, the number of pandas at the zoo is increasing, on the websites we see a lot of lovely images of panda. However, there are many unlucky animals in the world like pandas, such as polar bears, that are at risk of extinction because of the greenhouse effect.

A group of passengers on the tour took a picture of the Siberian coast, seeing lots of white spots scattered across the image. From afar, they thought it was a flock of sheep, but when they carefully observed it, they discovered the heartbreaking truth.

These dense white spots are not sheep flocks but polar bears with strong sense of territory protection!

The common polar bear does not appear so much at the same time. It is discovered that a whale is stranded and attracted to the bear, they have defied the danger to find foods.

These photos show at least 230 polar bears, including male bears, female bears, and baby bears.

Wrangel Island Nature Conservation officials said, if the food source is not scarce, the mother will absolutely not let her child in spite of such danger to find food. This scene is not the first time, more than a month ago, some photographers took pictures of polar bears struggling to find food.

The polar bear was skinny and heavy, moving forward and its muscles seemed to shrink. Every time he walked a few steps, it was painful and had to stop and rest.

He desperately rummaged through the trash but found only the bones. Finally, he could only lie flat on the ground.

This process was captured by photographer Paul Nicklen and the Sea Legacy marine conservation agency on Somerset Island in Canada’s Arctic Islands.

After the photos were published on the Internet, it caused a controversy. Many people ask why you don’t help polar bears?

In response, Paul Niklan replied: “I also want to help it, but I really do not shoot, nor can I feed them, because that is just prolonging their miserable lives.” He wanted to take the trip, and he captured the distressing moments of the polar bear to awaken us.

Paul Nickland only photographed the floating part of the iceberg, many people did not know that polar bears were experiencing hunger never before seen.

The polar bear’s main food is seal, but even in calm ice lakes, the chances of polar bears hunting for seals are only 1/5 times.

Not to mention when the sea ice cracked and melted, the hunting rate of seals was 1/20.

Because global warming causes ice to melt, seals also have gaps to escape. Many polar bears, though large and strong, must starve during the winter because they cannot catch their prey.

Melting ice not only makes polar bears without food, but also makes them in the process of swimming and hunting cannot find ice sheets to be able to rest. This makes many polar bears exhausted and die.

Although it is not directly demonstrated that global warming is the main culprit in reducing polar bear populations, this is actually one of the important reasons for the death of the polar bear.

The website of polar bear protection organization “Polar Bears International” states: “If you do not act on climate change, scientists predict that by 2050, two-thirds of polar bears will disappear and by 2100, they will disappear forever. ”

The undeniable fact is that the number of polar bears has plummeted in recent decades. Animals that once dominated the polar regions have now become an endangered species.

In addition to climate warming and polar pollution, human hunting also seriously threatens the existence of polar bears.

Too many animals fall into pitiful circumstances just because of human greed, the disappearance of creatures is increasing.

Source: dkn 

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