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Groom’s father gets drunk at the wedding, kisses his son’s bride on stage 
August 24 2018, 2:28 PM
Afterward, the bride’s family rushed the stage, getting into a fight with the groom’s intoxicated dad

A shocking video has gone viral on Chinese social media, showing the father of a groom forcibly kissing his son’s bride on stage.

The incident took place at a wedding ceremony in Jiangsu, China. The video shows an older man walking with his arm around the shoulder of an uncomfortable-looking young bride.

The old man then circles around and suddenly kisses the woman on the lips securing her body tightly while she tries to break free.

 The crowd when crazy, and some of them even applauded towards this action. At the end of the clip, the bride’s family furiously rushed to the stage and got into a fight with the groom’s father. It’s rumored that the incident ended with the bride’s family taking the newlywed woman home.

In the defense of the groom’s father, he was allegedly acting in accordance with local customs of Yancheng province, which the bride would be ‘pranked’ on her wedding day.

He even hired a lawyer to take action against those who have damaged their reputation.

At the banquet, the groom’s father said he was acting in accordance with a local tradition of “pranking the bride” (闹新娘子) to meet the expectations and for the enjoyment of those attending, as well as to create the necessary “jubilant” atmosphere for such an event.

The lawyer who defenses him the wrongful accusation have unfairly tarnished this man’s integrity and reputation.

Many Chinese and international expressed their disagreements with this:

“Fake? Do you think that we’re blind?”

“This is the first I’m hearing of this Yancheng custom. Very interesting!”

“This is why alcohol is haram”

“Day of marriage = day of divorcement”

“He thinks it’s his marriage.”

This seemed to be a rare case, but in some Chinese wedding, there are many cases that the defenders said that they were just following local tradition by pranking the brides or even the bridesmaids. For example, 2 groomsmen were recently arrested after the of them sexually assaulting a bridesmaid in the backseat of a car.

In another case, a bridesmaid died after falling from a 4th-floor balcony in rural Guangdong province with some overly-enthusiastic groomsmen being suspected of having accidentally shoved her to her death.

This “tradition” is stirring up huge controversy all over the internet. What do you think? This is a bad “tradition” need to be removed or simply sexual harassment?

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