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Groom can just stand to look at male guests touching breasts of his bride although he feels uncomfortable
December 06 2018, 3:08 PM
The video clip captured the moment all the guests in the wedding party rushed to touch the bride's breast. Netizens felt terribly sorry for the groom who couldn't do anything to prevent this.

Recently, Chinese netizens have widely shared a video clip about a wedding in this country. What is special is that a lot of guests rushed to put the wedding money into the bride’s bra. The groom standing next to her couldn’t prevent them though he was so uncomfortable. This is mainly because that is the ancient custom of this region. In fact, while cheering the couple up, people were excited to touch the sensitive part of bride. At that time, the wedding scene was extremely chaotic and scary.

After being shared on many major social networks of the country, the clip quickly attracted a lot of people’s attention. At the same time, the video also became the a hot topic of  discussion when netiens left thousands comments. Some people said that “since ancient times, tradition and customs are difficult to be eliminated” while a lot of people criticized on this custom. They commented: “this is already the 21st century so we should just preserve the nice culture our ancestors left. Backward tradition and customs should be eliminated.”

What do you think about this? Do you think that age-old customs should be eliminated so that our life will change for better? However, this is not difficult to come true because there are still many people who have ignorance. Therefore, Let’s share and explain to those who do not understand the disadvantages that these old customs bring in order to have our live more civilized and developed.

Vu Tam

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