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Great tips in life ,if you do not know, you may pay for it – especially signs of storms
December 12 2018, 11:14 AM
These are all very useful tips in life that everyone needs to use.

Sometimes you will encounter unsolicited situations. Picking up some tips, tips to help you overcome the dangerous situation is never excessive. In addition, there are many tips to help you “predict” the future, do not miss it!

1. If you are in the elevator with the suspect, press the buttons for each floor This will give you an increased chance of running away or signaling someone outside of the intended audience to harm you.

This is also one of the tips used when the elevator runs “over speed”. Accordingly, quickly pressing all the buttons on the panel will activate the emergency power supply, which will help to lift the elevator.

2. Predict the weather with only one glass of water Please shake any drinks and pour into the cup. If the bubbles spread to the sides, it would be good weather. If the bubbles are in the center, it tells you that a storm is coming or the weather is bleak, raining.

This happens due to the influence of atmospheric pressure on the air bubble. High pressure dispels bubbles to the side. It means that the weather may be sunny. When the pressure is low, the bubble will be in the initial position, which means the weather will be bleak and rainy.

3. Extinguish the burning fire with baking soda When the oil in the pan is too hot, the chef does not pay attention to make the fire caught in the pan. At this time, many people will think that the water pours in to put out the fire right?

But this is the ultimate thing! By pouring water into oil pan will make the fire more intense, oil will splash around.

If the fire is small, you can put some baking soda in the pan, it will absorb oxygen. However, the most effective way is to use a large cotton cloth or a mixture of salt, water, ammonia salt to put out fire.

Edible salt has the effect of absorbing heat and isolating the contact of the fire with oxygen in the air. At the same time, ammonium salt also produces carbon dioxide, so it will burn the fire very quickly.

4. Use the phone as a reflex while you cross the road in the dark

You can use your mobile phone or camera as a light reflecting light when crossing the road with light in the dark. This will help the driver see you on the road and respond promptly.

5. If someone uses force to hold you away, sacrifice some personal belongings on the spot If you are moving that you are suddenly constrained to catch, try to “accidentally” drop as many personal items as possible.

However, remember to keep your cell phone in place when you have the opportunity to call a rescue. And this gadget can also help the police find you faster.

Lacking anybody, throwing items away can distract the subject and during times of neglect you can take the opportunity to signal someone else to help or run away quickly.

Source: Kenh14

Hai Linh


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