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Good news: Men can get pregnant and give birth instead of their wives in 2020
December 12 2018, 11:01 AM
With the advancement of medicine today, it is possible for men to replace pregnant women by 2020.

Before now, pregnancy was a divine divine ordinance. In order to perform that noble task, the woman must endure and suffer many sufferings. They longed for a man who could be pregnant to understand the pain and suffering that women have experienced to love and share more with his wife. It was merely a wish, because it was impossible.

With the advancement of medicine, many successful implant transplants in successful women mean that men can still perform the same procedure in women. In 2014, the first successful implants for a woman in Sweden.

BS. Katie Chung of the University of Southern California (USA) said that the bodies of men and women are not so different, he believes that there will be a day of medicine will find a method to perform.

This uterine implants have a special meaning for the community. This method opens up a lot of hope for transgendered people who are still capable of pregnancy and childbirth. And of course, with men they will be able to take over the sacred duty of the woman.

Recently, according to the Daily Mail, with the advancement of medicine, men are still able to experience the joy of being pregnant like many other women thanks to implantation techniques. Dr. Amel Alghrani, of the University of Liverpool, said: “If this transplant program is allowed and successful, both men and transgender people will experience the joy of pregnancy as a woman.”

Dr. Paulson, speaking at the Society’s Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas, also emphasized: “There is no reason for anatomy to prevent us from successfully implanting a uterine for a sub transsexual women “.

Previously, when referring to the method of implantation, the American Society of Reproductive Medicine said that with this method male-to-female transplants can still give birth to children instead of pregnant.

However, they believe that transplantation can be successful, but natural reproduction is not feasible. So, to the time of delivery, the birth will be the caesarean to carry out the baby. At the same time, hormones taken into the body must also be monitored closely during pregnancy.

The method of implantation is still limited to the issue of natural childbirth, but it opens up the joy for transgendered men to fulfill the potential of being a wife and giving birth. And with husbands, they can also replace their wives with the sacred responsibility of pregnancy and childbirth.


Phuong Thao

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