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When going to Spa to cover mud mask, you must meet apprentice and result does not happen like what you wish
December 25 2018, 2:08 PM
Looking at the image of beautiful woman covered around her eyes, nose, and mouth by new staff like a concrete pouring that makes people have a chance to laugh.

At any time of the year, women often learn to apply skin care formulas to maintain their beauty. Especially, on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, it is also the time when women seek to way to white skin and apply a mask to nourish the skin.

With many women, instead of covering the face at home, going to the Spa is the most convenient way. Although the price is a little bit more expensive, you can be serviced by staff and have enough steps to make you skin strong and bright quickly. However, there are many cases that you will be absolutely disappointed when going to the Spa.

Recently, the Facebook with nickname Đ.N has posted a photo of a female visitor when going to Spa wearing a mask with her face covered with eyes, nose and mouth and the only remaining place is breath one.

Looking at the image of the guest with being masked on her face, people can not stop laughing.

Ha Dang member commented: “Oh my god, look horrible and something is wrong, like pouring a bowl into your face”.

An Nhien member expressed her opinion: “If I were her, I would press the person to do it for me to do it again just like that”.

Some netizens said that looking at such a mask is like eating chocolate milk and vomiting on the face of the guest.

“Fearful, unfortunately, the eyes or mouth are also afraid to get out of the eyes. This staff does not learn the skills or is it a mistake? Going to Spa very much but have not seen this kind of mask ever? “, Ngoc Linh commented.

Other person said that this staff had enough qualification to make beauty.

Besides, many people still believe in their eyes when witnessing this girl’s face. They have never seen such a face covered with a mud mask like this.

Although many questions are so, but the netizens are still around arguing without finding the answer. However, everyone felt humorous and laughed when he saw the picture above.

Although many people give many question about this fact, this story is still being a hot topic. However, everyone feel humorous and burst out laugh when seeing above photos.



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