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Gluing baby plants on your nails is the latest beauty trend going viral on Internet
October 06 2018, 10:55 AM
People are taking gardening a step further and using real, live plants to make creative nail art.

Who said plants are only meant to live in a pot or a vase? People are taking gardening a step further and using real, live plants to make creative nail art.

Australian botanical artist Roz Borg created this unusual look and shared it on her Instagram account, starting a new and outrageous beauty trend.

The idea stemmed from my succulent jewelry. The artist wanted to use the same technique on something unique and creative to make an amazing photo.

A succulent is an amazing, drought-resistant plant that can store water in its leaves. There are countless varieties of succulents with new hybrids being created all the time.

To create the colorful and lively look, Borg said she uses baby succulent leaves and glues them onto fake nails before applying them to her real fingernails.

The glue she uses to affix the plants to the nail is a special florist adhesive just for live plants, called Oasis, that eventually releases from the nail and plant without damaging the succulent. So she can plant them again and enjoy them for a long time.

However, many people are curious and raise a lot of questions about the convenience if doing this type of nail.

“How can I prepare a meal or wash my hand with soap? Was it washed away?” 

“How can I keep this for a long time? Can I touch the water with this?” 

“It would be suitable for someone who doesn’t have to work by hand” 

“Wouldn’t want to eat anything prepared with these hands. It can only be used in the photo shoot or for fun. We can’t apply it in everyday’s life even though it’s beautiful”

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Source video: In the know 

Source: In the know 

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