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The glass bridge on the edge of mountain make you “trembling by just looking it”
July 30 2018, 5:32 PM
Yuanduan Bridge in Chongqing (China) is located at the top of the mountain, with no fulcrum and U-shaped construction.

Recently years, China becomes the country of glass bridges. The tourist are “compete” to build the adventurous glass architectures to attract tourists. The latter has more “heart attack” than the earlier one. One of them is the Yuanduan Bridge in Longgang National Park in Chongqing City, South China.

The bridge is designed with U-shape, placing on the top of the mountain and reaching the edge of the cliff. Without any fulcrum, the bridge becomes one of the most place to challenge the courageous in China. The bridge is located at an height of 718 m, length 26 m and can only stand a maximum payload of 30 visitors.

The bridge is named Yuanduan, meaning the end of the cloud, which means that it is the interference of clouds, mountains, sky and plane. From here, visitors can easily “touch the clouds” and overwhelm with the scene. Tourists will go round one from the other and can spend time maximum 30 minutes. Despite the humble length but without the fulcrum so the bridge makes tourists shaking when looking down deep abyss.

Yuanduan Bridge is built in the shape of a horseshoe, closely with a U-shape with high durability and is resistant to natural disasters and earthquakes. It can stand an earthquake of magnitude 8 and a typhoon of magnitude 14. Like the other bridges that are very popular in China, the Yuanduan Bridge uses super strong glass under the floor, people walk on it always feel like they are stepping on the air.

The bridge looks up from the bottom. At first, it was designed to stand the load of 200 people but was reduced to 30 later. Price for one round visit is 60 yuan, a quite affordable price compare to other travel activities in China.

When aunched in 2015, this is the world’s longest glass bridge with no fulcrum over the U-shaped bridge in the Grand Canyon Skywalk (USA). This is another category with glass-bottom bridges connecting two mountain peaks or on cliffs as in Hebei or Hunan (China).

This challenge is only for those who have courage and not afraid of heights.

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