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Giving birth to the first baby, the couple care-freely “loves ” each other and 9 months later wife immediately hospitalizes for shocking reason
December 25 2018, 4:03 PM
A British couple had great happiness when giving birth to the first baby after many years waiting but they were shocked at what happened at Christmas.

Recently, a mother revealed her amazing story when she gave birth to two babies in the same year, one on New Year’s Day and one on Christmas.

Laura Aitchinson (26) and her husband, Lewis Killip (47), knew each other through social networks six years ago and decided to live together shortly afterwards. They both wanted to have children early but unfortunately Laura suffered miscarriage twice, including a twin.

She said: “When I was pregnant for the third time, both husband and I were worried about what happened again.”

Fortunately, this pregnancy went well. The baby was predicted to be born on January 5, 2016 but he was finally born on January 1, 2016.

The boy Carlos was born on the first day of the new year.

Concerning her birth, Laura said: “I was laboring at New Year Eve. When I lied on the bed of hospital, I could hear the fireworks outside. It was special. Carlos was born at 5 am on New Year’s Day. He was 3.2kg heavy  and was perfectly beautiful “.

Her family had great happiness when giving birth to the first baby after many years waiting without even knowing another baby was about to be born. It was not until September that Laura realized she was gaining weight and had an appetite.

After 1st baby was born, Laura continued to be pregnant without knowing that.

“I tried pregnancy later and was stunned to find out that I was pregnant again. More specifically, I was pregnant for nearly 6 months and the baby was predicted to be born on the first day of the new year. ” Laura recounted.

For this second baby, Laura was labored at 10 pm on December 24 and the baby was born exactly at 1 am on Christmas day.

“Everything is amazing and unbelievable. Within one year we had two of the best” gifts “, one on the new year day and the other on Christmas Day, I still remember after the birth of the second baby,  I was able to go home and cook Christmas dinner for the whole family, “Laura said.

Her second baby was born right at Christmas.

This year, Laura continued to become pregnant again and her third daughter was born recently, also during Christmas.

The third “princess” was born a few days ago.

Source: Mirror

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