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Giving baby pearl milk tea, mother panic when her child cough and fever continuously for half a year and then discover the horror truth
July 30 2018, 2:33 PM
A black pearl in a glass of milk tea that his mother gave the baby boy to drink made him have pneumonia, cough, fever for half a year and no one knows.

Black tea, oolong, etc. with some cream cheese topping or some black pearls, soft pudding makes the Taiwanese milk tea became an indispensable drink of youth in recent times . Sweet, cool milk tea is not only the choice of young people like students, but also become the favorite drink of many other customers such as office workers, employees, housewife, etc.

In fact, this hobby is shared to many small children with the idea that they would like to drink sweet things like candy or simply to coax children to eat, drink pills or cry. But sometimes, we forget that these long, pearly spiny beads are the culprits of dangerous childhood illnesses.

Similarly, a Chinese boy nearly died after being hit by a pearl in milk tea stuck in his lungs for half a year without his mother knowing.

Give the boy drink milk tea with pearl, the mother panic when children cough, fever continuously for half a year.

Xiaoling, 8, of Shenzhen City, Guangdong province, has been suffering from pneumonia with fever and cough for half a year. To think that this is a common childhood disease, his mother just gave him medicine. Each time he finished the drug, his illness immediately relieved but soon after relapse.

Recently Xiao Lin started a severe cough, fever more but did not have flu symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose… Too worried for the baby, mother Linlin decided to take him go to the local hospital for a checkup, hoping to find out the cause of the disease.

The pearl is stuck in the boy’s body.

The pearl is removed from the lung of an 8-year-old boy.

Doctors said the boy had pneumonia several times in just half a year, which was completely unusual. Cause of the disease can be caused by a strange object inside. But specific testing through the colon and finally can make the final conclusion.

Indeed, Xiao Lin’s endoscopic findings show that in the right lung of the boy there is a black pearl particle commonly found in milk tea.

Immediately, the eight-year-old was taken to the surgery, doctors removed a black pearl particle from inside the boy’s body, but more specifically after half a year stuck in the body , the pearl has no signs of erosion due to digestion. In addition, Xiao Lin had been given several times by his mother for X-rays, but not once did the camera detect the shape of the pearl in his body.

The pearls in a glass of milk tea can cause bad effects on the health of young children.

After being treated, Xiaolin gradually recovered. But what he had to stand still makes his parents always hurt in the heart.

Xiao Lin’s case also becomes a warning lesson for parents, and should be noted when children have abnormal symptoms such as high fever, coughing for long periods. At the same time, it is also advisable to avoid feeding small, indigestible foods to infants to avoid unwanted accidents.

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