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Girls who wear falling pants dances so enthusiastically that the bride has to run into stage to dance together
August 10 2018, 3:01 PM
This dancer danced very passionately which makes everybody get high

The wedding is a happy day for the bride and groom. In traditional Southeast Asian weddings, families often invite singers and dancers to dance and sing. They make the atmosphere of the wedding more fun and exciting. Sometimes the appearance of musicians and singers has unexpected effects. They let the bride and groom forget their rituals.

Recently, a short video captured the  happy atmosphere at the wedding. This wedding invites a very sexy and beautiful dancer. In particular, this dancer danced very passionately which makes everybody get high. Even, the bride is also dances with the group which makes the guests as well as the groom excited.

Three beautiful girls dance to warm the atmosphere up

Dressed with sexy pants, the girls make the bride run on the stage

The dance moves are so strong that the wedding is hotter than ever

Bride is like a professional dancer

Guests as well as the groom excited

Watch video:


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