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Girls have these common points, certainly can get the hearts of young men
December 11 2018, 2:39 PM
Maybe they don't good at studying, but they are better than anyone about artistic. 

Watch movies, you always dream about a prince or simply just a classmate, friend, who is gorgeous. If you have the opportunity to return to the old days, you know what convergence factors need to have the heart of the guy in his dream? You are still wearing a girl dream, always looking for a perfect man for life. You are disappointed because the youth has been passing away that you do not see the where is your man. You are frustrated by your loneliness.

First you have to be a little silly. It sounds strange, but the truth is that. Do not believe it? Let’s review some youth movies like: ”With You”, ”A Love So Beautiful”, ”When we were young”, you will understand.

In the films,ChangJin, Chen Xiaoyan, Yang Tich are all very poor school girls, the mind is a little simple, silly.

Changjin because grabbed then stucked the door, luckily her deskmate JiuHua save her. 

Changjin is not good at all. Play with a group of well-educated friends equally well. Because of luck, she went in Zhen Hua. Sitting alone , no one wants to sit with her, fortunately JiuHua having a supernatural retreat, despite her stupid brain and strength.

Chen Xiao Hi because likes Jiang Shen, trying to get class president just to let Jiang Wen do not need to clean the table.

Chen Xiao Hi also study badly, the point is always top end. Luckyly, to play with the group is different the level of education is JingTai, Wu Bach Tung are pretty good. Fortunately for her when she likes Jiang Shen, who is super good at school. Thanks to Jiang Shen, Xiao Hi improved new step by step progress. It is not so much, but also a feat with the poor.

Yang Tich all day dreaming martial arts Kim Dung, good at eating, like to run more like to learn.

The study of the YangTich is said to be in the final top . Friends play along Ly Ngu study well, but Tu Chi Nhi Dieu or Duong Hoa Hoa are all “core” elements in the school’s poor class. And also lucky as Changjin and Chen Xiaoyan, Yang Tich was helped by  Hua Biao devoted help her in learning.

But besides that, not all the girls are useless, but actually they are more artistic. All three of us are girls who like to paint, like to take pictures, and like to… run. Maybe they don’t good at studying, but they are better than anyone about artistic.

Have dreams and always devote to pursue that dream, finally Landscape, Chen Xiaoyan after graduation also do their favorite work and achieve certain achievements. Yang Tich at the present time, although not yet finished the film but also saw this girl is also gifted and determined, the future can be successful with her dream will not be too far away.

Because of their lovely dream and always try all best to catch dream, Jing Canh, Chen Xiaoyu, Yang Tich are always attract the main man  is Yu Huai, Jiang Yuan and Hua Biao support and help strength. Maybe because of the perseverance pursued the dream of the main ladies that the new male attention, admiration and more love the female lead.

Generally looking low , the boys especially the handsome guy will be very impressed and excited. That’s why Zen Hua likes to walk around, rub head, put his hands on Changjin. Jiang Shen likes to carry a pair, or carry a princess, or just a little hand is able to lift Chen Xiao Xi. Hua Biao also do not hesitate to carry Yang Tich running around the school.

Integrating the lovely beauty of appearance and personality as the characteristics that has just analyzed above, surely the women will find the masculine fate of his life. If you are stupid, have learned poorly, have the face, mushroom head, was short, was pretty but you do not have a perfect male god, please condolence with you. Youth has forgotten you

Linh Diep



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