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Girls become famous after one night because of wearing sexily selling fish, meat
December 27 2018, 10:42 PM
Those "special" hot girls become famous because of wearing lack of clothes everywhere. 

Not long ago, a hot girl selling grilled rice paper quickly gained netizens’ attention Netizens figured out that her name is Narumon Yasachai – a professional model Her look is both sexy and innocent. She is a typical example of being famous after one night. On her Instagram page, there are up to 130,000 accounts following her. The number of followers is increasing rapidly after her photos of wearing sexily, selling grilled rice paper went viral.

Many people believe that this is not a coincidence but a way to make scandals, attracting people’s attention. The photos of Tawainese “Goddess selling fish” also shared broadly after a while of posting.

Liu Pengpeng were welcomed after a few photos of her while helping her mother sell fish at the market.

Accordingly, there are numerous comments praising her beauty. The hot girl aged 26 now. She is a famous commercial model in Taiwan. Previously, she studied nursing engineering. After graduating, Pengpeng worked as a nurse in the emergency room of a local hospital for 4 years. Anyone is full of admiration of her physical shape and beautiful face. Kanokporn Sopontaweesab was a hot girl selling meat who got netizens’ attention thanks to her sexiness. In just a short time, her name became famous they people called her a hot girl. Her full name is Kanokporn Sopontaweesab (born in 1996), living in Pisanuloke – Phitsanulok in North-East Thailand. She has an angelic face and hourglass-shaped body, very sexy and seductive.

In real life, she is a professional model, well-known with her sexually attractive hip.

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Nguyet Hang Do

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