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Girl successfully prevents husband from having affair by wearing this special clothes while cooking
December 06 2018, 2:57 PM
Ordinary thing woman wear but actually super hot to men.

Lacy lingerie, skin-tight skirts, sky-high stilettos—these are the kinds of things we think of when we think about se.x appeal. They hit you over the head with it, and that can be great!

But do you know, these casual clothes, sometimes could defeat the most fancy lingerie that Victoria Secret produce?

Flannel PJs

They are perhaps the most ill-fitting item known to man—they could hide even Kim Kardashian’s curves. But that is precisely what makes them hot: they’re not supposed to be. They are the antithesis of erotic, the burlap sack of sleepwear, the sartorial equivalent of “I don’t even care.” But that’s the reverse psychology of sexiness: Sometimes, all you need to do is stop trying.

Ratty t-shirts

Part of it is the way it’s worn so thin that the shape of everything underneath is clearly visible. It’s also the fact that the armpit hole is big enough for him to sneak a hand in for a boob squeeze. Most importantly, I’m never more comfortable than in that raggedy shirt and that, my husband tells me, is crazily sexy.


Once upon a time, women wore panties that actually covered their rears. I know, it’s shocking, isn’t it?

Just imagine: A woman clad in underwear that didn’t immediately reveal the whole of her derrière. Under clothes, these generous underthings created panty lines that subtly hinted at what was below. It was a time of restraint and suggestion—the good old days!

White top, black bra

The Fashion police would have us believe that it is a gigantic faux pas for a woman to let her bra show. White shirts require nude underthings and tank tops demand strapless brassieres. Have they not witnessed the enticement that is the black bra, white shirt combo?


They’re soft, laid-back, and oh so easily removable. Plus, the kind with all-caps messages like “FLIRT” and “JUICY” emblazoned across the rear? Oh gawd are they tacky, but I’ll be damned if they don’t make you check out her butt.

Source: menshealth


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