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Girl student posts photo on Facebook, making her family lose 80000 $, she immediately removes the post because the caption went too far
November 29 2018, 10:14 AM
This is a very costly lesson for those who do not hesitate to share the others' story on social networks.

Patrick Snay was the principal of Gulliver Preparatory School several years ago, however the school board decided to terminate his contract in 2010. He later filed a complaint with the court, alleging that Gulliver School The preparers had discriminated against him in term of age when he terminated his contract.

n November 2011, Gulliver and Snay School reached a settlement agreement. Accordingly, the school will pay Mr. Snay $ 10,000 in payroll, $ 60,000 in  fees to invite lawyer and $ 80,000 in compensation. Accordingly, Snay agreed with request of school for confidentiality of the agreement between the two parties.

However, Snay’s daughter Dana posted her photo on Facebook with the caption: “Mom and Dad Snay won the lawsuit against Gulliver. Gulliver now has to pay for my summer vacation in Europe.”

After Dana posted her status on her personal Facebook, which has more than 1,200 of her friends, many of whom were students at Gulliver College. After that this article quickly reached the school’s law team.

A few days later, Gulliver’s attorney sent Snay a letter saying Mr. Snay had broken the deal’s confidentiality agreement. Later, the court announced Gulliver did not need to pay the $ 80,000 settlement fee as originally agreed.

Ms. Dana was shocked by the decision of the court because it was unexpected that a sentence on Facebook has caused such serious consequences. But this is considered as a costly lesson for those who do not  hesitate to share the others’ story on social networks.

Vu Tam

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