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The girl was shocked when she lost her menstrual period due to a healthy diet
December 09 2018, 9:36 AM
A healthy body, beautiful and charming curves is the dream of many girls. But when done wrong, these seemingly healthy things bring about unpredictable consequences.

The owner of the blog @thefitfoodieblog from Australia, Sally O’Neil famous for his perfect body and advice on food for everyone, actually has a haunting syndrome on healthy diet. .

The girl is shocked when suddenly lost menstruation due to diet

The 31-year-old shared that she had accidentally become a victim of social networking, especially the hashtag #fitspo, which made her and many other girls pursue perfect beauty: . The tips, too, show off hot body images on social networking sites, prompting Sally to head in to eat and exercise harsh, fatigue.

At first, Sally started practicing more and more: 2 hours a day, almost every day of the week, with a more strict diet.

The photographer and culinary designer said:

“I used to think that this diet would help me achieve my goals faster.My body was full of life, I could control my body.Any place needed muscles, Although my body changes slowly, I will be as pretty as Instagram girls soon. ”

But serious consequences have occurred without notice. When Sally had reached the lowest weight, her knee was hurt and her mental health was severely affected. She was moody and bored all the time, crying and constantly thinking about food. Sally could not even go out to eat because she could not calculate the calories of a meal as well as the increased exercise frequency to spend all that food.

Later, Sally met a gynecologist who had been delayed for several days. However, the doctor only made a very sketchy diagnosis, saying that she suffered from mental anorexia syndrome and only needed to eat more, less exercise. Fortunately, Sally found a second gynecologist and gave her a clearer diagnosis.

The doctor says she has had an orthrax syndrome – a condition where the patient only tries to eat healthy and obsessive things about it.

This syndrome is very different from trying to lose weight or anorexia syndrome. Sally’s body lacks serious energy, leading to the inability to have monthly menstruation.

Then, Sally took 12 months of treatment, making her diet and exercise more healthy and manageable.

Four years after going to the clinic, she still faces occasional challenges. Although her current Instagram account is less than sexy, she still feels healthy and hopes to inspire people in a healthier way.

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