The girl sang “I try” like a gift to her farther who is in final stage of cancer, the whole auditorium burst into tears
August 05 2018, 9:29 AM
The 13-year-old girl had made the judge board of America’s Got Talent burst into tears when singing a touchy song to her father who got intestine cancer.

At the previous round, Evie Clar, 13 years old, had shared about the health condition of her father. At this round, Evie performed the song “I try” of Macy Gray.

The judge Simon asked: “What do these words mean to you, Evie?”

“Because a lot of unexpected things are happening now and my family doesn’t know what will come next but…” she answered with her emotional voice.

Simon wanted to know whether the girl needed time to be calm down or not, but Evie said "I'm fine" before starting her performance.

When her beautiful voice started, the meaningful lyrics had touched the audiences, especially Evie’s parents couldn’t bear to hold back their crying. Her mother used her hand to brush away the tears which were shedding on her cheeks.

In the end of the performance, Mel B cried and all audiences stood up and gave her big hands.

“This is an angel voice which is for her father” Howie said.

A lot of Vietnamese fans left comments about the touchy performance:

“When being born, we don’t have choice to choose our family. Each people has their own story, their own sorrows. Hence, we have to be brave and confident. Remember that family always stand by us. Hope that we will look on the bright side though what is happening”.

"I cried too. This is a wonderful performance".

Watch the touchy performance

Malie Pham

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