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The girl rolling 180 degree falls from motorbike on the road because of …raincoat
November 06 2018, 2:32 PM
The raincoat rolled into the wheel while traveling on the road, causing the girl sitting in the bike falling at a 180-degree angle.

This girl never knows that the necessary item on rainy days can accidentally cause a serious accident for her.

This is the warning for people using raincoat when driving a motorbike on rainy days.

In a 30 second clip recording the traffic on the road in the rain, suddenly a girl sitting behind the motorcycle fell back on the road.

The cause of this accident is due to the raincoat this girl is wearing on the bike.

After the accident, the motorcycle stopped and the girl was backed up by several people. Fortunately, the girl was not seriously injured.

The accident is a warning to the traffic participants to be especially careful to avoid accidents because the raincoat easily slips into the wheel.

It is not the first time accident happening because of raincoat.

In 2017, a driver appears to have lost control of the motorbike while driving downhill when his raincoat became caught in the rear wheel. He crashed on a desolate road and suffocated in the raincoat.

Scottish judo champion Stephanie Inglis was involved in a similar accident when her dress got caught in the wheel of her motorbike and she was dragged off.

Mind your raincoats and hanging clothing on the streets, folks!

Watch video:

Source video: doisongvietnam.vn 

Source: doisongvietnam.vn 

Hoang Ngan


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