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Girl pretends to have hickey on her neck, and her boyfriend started crying
October 10 2018, 2:08 PM
How does your boyfriend react when he realize a hickey on your neck?

Most of them will be react strongly and think that their partners were disloyal. The man in the video also thinks this. While chatting with his girlfriend, he suddenly realizes that there is a hickey on her neck. Although he tries to ask about the hickey, his girlfriend still refuse and even wants to leave. At that time, he couldn’t believe in the truth, so he’s nearly to cry.

They’re chatting with each other

Suddenly he recognizes a hickey on her neck

He is crying when his girlfriend can’t explain his question

There are some tips for men who should do with girlfriend in the romantic relationship. You don’t need to jump off from some tall building or do something extraordinary to prove your love. First check why love needs to be proved. It has to be proved if the girl you love is not confident and sure about you. So, you need to do something really genuine to make her see that you truly love her. It’s true that girls love gifts and flowers, but this it not the only thing they expect from their partners. It is a fact that girls are more emotional than boys, and they also look for the “emotional connect” in relationships. Girls love it when you care for them. Ask her how her day was and make it a point to call her at least once a day. Regular text messages will also work to remind her of you. Make sure that you are always there when she needs you. Apart from her, you should care for her family and friends too. Also, just let her be herself and don’t force her do things she hates. For example, if she is a movie lover, plan a favorite movie for her that day instead of making her go with you to a rock concert. Moreover, you should try to take keen interest in the activities she loves. Shower her with genuine compliments. Be an active participant in her life progress, and remember that there is no other method to win over a girl than being loyal to her. You need to be very patient in your approach, and if she is not reciprocating your feelings, don’t feel that you are a loser. You have done so much to prove your love for her, so she will realize it with time. Also remember that you should not sound or seem too desperate, as girls hate desperate boys.

Watching video:

Source video: elissa deheart Channel


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