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This girl after knowing she had cancer, she did not expect the cause of the toilet paper roll
February 11 2019, 4:33 PM
Using poor quality toilet paper not only has a potential risk of cervical cancer and is also at risk of causing other dangerous diseases for women.

Recently, a Chinese girl found herself suffering from cervical cancer. The girl is only 20 years old and the real cause of this disease startled many people.

Today, cervical cancer is one of the deadly diseases that women are at risk of. Remarkably, the age of this disease tends to “rejuvenate”. As before, it is often discovered in the elderly, middle-aged people, according to the latest statistics, there are now many girls in the age of 20-30 also have this dangerous disease.

Sina posted about the case of a young patient named Xiao Yu, which caused many people to suffer. Xiao Yu is only 20 years old and she is a student at a university in China. Xiao Yu was taken to the hospital for an examination after she had severe abdominal pain during her menstrual period and had unusual symptoms but did not expect the diagnosis to shock everyone: Xiao Yu had cancer early cervical stage.

With that conclusion both Xiao Yu and her family couldn’t help but be shocked because she was very healthy before and especially she was on the threshold of walking into life. However, after the doctor learned about the cause of the disease from her lifestyle habits, the truth behind is what makes many people surprised.

It is the wrong habit of using toilet paper as the cause of Xiao Yu’s cervical cancer. For a long time, Xiao Yu regularly uses yellow toilet paper with a fragrance like perfume. According to doctors, the use of toilet paper containing chemicals such as bleach, dyes and artificial fragrances will cause serious harm to health. The highest risk of infection is the type of recycled paper because they already have a large amount of bacteria with a high potential for toxicity. If you use this product many times, you can put bacteria into your body and cause infection.

When girls use poor quality toilet paper is also when the risk of chemicals absorbed into the “your girl” higher than ever. After toxic substances enter the body, it can lead to an increased risk of developing cervical cancer.

Not only that, the use of poor quality toilet paper, soaked in too many chemicals for a long time is also at risk of causing many other dangerous diseases such as urethral tract infection, fungal infection, infection rectal infection …

Not only are toilet paper colors and fragrant but the poor quality, doctors also recommend that white toilet paper but not guaranteed production also cause health risks. Because of them there are many chemicals for bleaching. Remarkably the ingredient in bleached toilet paper is formaldehyde – the chemical used in the paper industry. It can cause irritation and is a carcinogenic agent for users.

Returning to the case of Xiao Yu, it is fortunate that she has been diagnosed quite early, it is in the early stages and she was treated promptly. As for our girlfriends, when using toilet paper, do not forget to look at the ingredients on the packaging and absolutely do not use poor quality products to avoid the diseases .

Source: blogtamsu

Thuy Linh

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