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The girl “Duck turns Swan” with high make-up technique, rubbing eyes several times still can’t believe this is the same person
August 07 2018, 3:06 PM
A ugly duck turns into a swan.

Nobody is unfamiliar with the makeup, but it’s certainly few people imagine the “magic” power of it. The pictures below will illustrate the saying: “There aren’t ugly women, only the women don’t know how to become more beautiful.

First use a moisturizer to provide moisture and elasticity of the skin. Wait for a minute and use foundation and concealer.

Apply a thin layer of powder into the face. Then choose suitable eyebrow style that matches your face.

The next step is to makeup the eyes and use eyelid tape to make your eyes deeper.

Then we will create contours for the face. Choose brown tone for the hair roots, the two sides of the nose, and the two sides of the jaw. Choose bright white for the forehead triangle and nasal bridge, it’ll make your face more natural.

One of the most important way in the makeup for the girl with a slightly round face is to create a V-line chin.

Apply a bit lipstick to your cheek.

After a long time, the results will look like this. Do you believe this is a face of the same person?

Watching video:


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