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This girl is so crave for seafood pasta that she’s cooking while still working in her office
July 19 2018, 5:32 PM
When thinking of cooking, we all imagine of our kitchens which are well-equipped and are designed to do the cooking job. However, this girl is so crave for seafood pasta that she decides to make the dish while still working in her office and with colleges surround.

To some people, cooking is a leisure habit, they do really enjoy it. They usually cook in the kitchens where it is enough space and facilities to make a dish.  But have you ever thought of cooking while working? This girl has made it possible!

First and foremost, if you want to cook something, you’ll need a cooker and a gas stove. But how can we transfer such big things in our working desk. No problem for this genius, all she need is a brick, some wires and a drill machine.

Next, she uses pastries to make pasta.

Then, she adds seafood, gravy, garlic, onion to make the dish flavorsome.

Lastly, when the dish is well-cooked, enjoy your meal!

Kieu Anh


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