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Girl arrives in Japan to do this job after breaking up with her boyfriend
January 05 2019, 9:18 AM
The girl with huge breast has arrived in Japan after splitting up with her boyfriend and disclosed her interesting job there.

Arriving in Japan to study and work is a right decision of Thu Trang Vo Thi – the girl with 110cm breast to leave Vietnam’s virtual society. Before arriving there, she underwent many reconstructive plastic surgeries such as raising her nose, abdominal liposuction, etc. Thus, she went there with her new appearance which is more beautiful and even thinner.

Recently, Thu Trang regularly updates her current life in Japan on the social network. She seems to be fit with the country’s weather so she looks more pretty.

She also made the acquaintance of many new friends there. At present, she is working as a cashier for a store. Surely, her Japanese is quite fluently to do that job which requires many skills.

Thu Trang is a cashier – a job requires skills and fluency in the language

Previously, there were many taunts that Thu Trang going to Japan to be an actress in adult movies because of her style. However, she did not care much about those rude comments, she totally focuses on learning the foreign language.

Hope that Thu Trang will gain success in the future after having a new life in Japan.

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Nguyet Hang Do


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